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We’re Blake and Rachel, two adventure enthusiasts from Littleton, Colorado, that quit the corporate life and decided to move into a truck camper to travel full time. We are independent cinematographers and run our film and production business, SkyPixel Media, while traveling full time in our Lance 950. 

Our story began ten years ago when a 20 year old Blake hit on the 18 year old Rachel at the gym with a cheesy pick up line, and the rest is history. We grew up in the same hometown and went to the same high school, but met after we both graduated. We did long distance through college, including two study abroad semesters in Guatemala (Blake) and Argentina (Rachel). Blake graduated with an International Business degree from Hillsdale College, and Rachel from University of Denver with a Masters in Accountancy. After a few years as a corporate finance analyst, and public accountant, we decided to hit the road and be our own boss. 

Our first full time rig was a 1996 Fleetwood Elkhorn truck camper that we bought for $2,500 for weekend trips, but it had so much water damage that after 8 months of living in it, the cabover portion was sagging and wearing on the top of the truck, so we began the search for a new home and found our 2012 Lance 950. After our second year of full timing we also upgraded our truck to an F350 flatbed. We have a custom dual rail carrier on our hitch to carry both dirt bikes with us. 

We started full timing September 2018 and the route we’ve taken ever since has been totally different than what we expected. We initially thought we would take a year long road trip, but after just a few weeks on the road, we were hooked, and now it’s been two and a half years. We spend most of our time in the western half of the US. We often change our route based on where our work takes us, and then we find new places to explore in between jobs. We’ll park it and fly across the country if the work is on the east coast. We’ve driven south all the way to Cabo, and north to British Columbia, and our ultimate goal is to spend a summer in Alaska, and then see where else RV life takes us. 

We’re believers in living in the moment and living our lives to the fullest. If you want to do something, do it now. You’ll never regret the things you did, only the things you didn’t do. We’re both fortunate enough to have families that encourage our lifestyle and are willing to come visit us on the road, and that we found a way to run a business while traveling. The importance of appreciating life really hit us (literally) about a year into our full time travels when we pulled into a camping area and someone’s stray bullet from an OHV staging area hit our truck door while Blake was standing one foot away. We had a bullet hole in the door of our F250 for a year reminding us how precious life is. Now we tell ourselves that as long as we aren’t being shot at, not a lot else matters. 

We’re fulltime boondockers, living completely off grid with our Battle Born Batteries and 400 watts of solar. We spend most of our time on BLM or national forest land, visiting friends, or traveling for work. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and our blog is mostly personal anecdotes of our travel experiences and everything we’ve learned about full time RVing, with helpful RV and travel tips mixed in. Thanks for reading!

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