After Glacier, since we were already so far north, we had to visit our friends in Seattle. I gave Mary and Danny about a years notice that we’d be visiting them at some point along our journey. I guessed that we would be visiting them in April or May, so I was only about 4 months off. They live in West Seattle with an amazing view of the Olympics, and the last time we visited them, the fires were so bad up north we couldn’t see their view at all. They live on a pretty busy beach street, but luckily both times we’ve visited we’ve been able to find street parking pretty easy right outside of their condo so we don’t have to worry about the camper.

It’s funny when we visit friends, we always have to make the decision of whether to sleep in our camper (usually parked on the street) or their guest room. I actually really love the mattress in our camper, so it doesn’t bother me to sleep in there every night, but I think it would feel silly to go sleep on the street instead of stay in their guest room. The street could be loud, but it would also mean we don’t have to bring anything in to their house. When you bring your whole house with you to friends houses, there’s really no need to pack a suitcase to stay overnight, so we end up just taking everything we need in piece by piece. When our friends offer us space to work for a bit and get our laundry done, we often end up taking over their whole place!

With Mary and Danny, we decided to go visit the San Juan Islands. Blake and I had thought about trying to visit these islands while in the PNW anyway and thought it would be fun to take the camper on the ferry, but we ended up just booking a hostel and taking their car across the ferry and leaving the camper behind. We realized it wouldn’t really be worth the hassle of bringing the camper on the ferry because everything in the main harbor towns on the islands are walkable, or you can rent bikes to visit the rest of the island, which we did. We rented some e-bikes and visited the historical sites and light houses, and picked wild blackberries along the way.

When we arrived to Seattle (first week of September), the weather was still hot and sunny, but rain was forecasted the next day. The weather changed like a switch. Every single day after that was rainy and gloomy. Our plan was to head into BC after Seattle regardless of weather, which meant our next two weeks would be full of rain!