After Canada, we made the drive back to LA for a few jobs. It worked out extremely well that we weren’t as busy with jobs during August and September when we had several friends visit and spent two weeks in British Columbia. But after all that play time up north, we were bound to get called back to LA for more work sooner rather than later.

On the way back to LA we stopped in the Bend, Oregon area to camp with another dirt biker Blake knew from Instagram. Fall weather was hitting hard in the area though, and there was even a chance of snow. Since we’d already gotten so used to shitty weather during our time in Canada, we decided to go anyway. It ended up being fine enough to ride during the day, but when it got real cold at night, we actually piled our new friends in the camper with us and blazed the heat and hung out. We even got a centimeter of snow on the camper in the morning.

For Blake’s birthday the next day, we drove into Crater Lake National Park, which got several inches of snow in that same storm. All the trees and the island in the lake were covered in fresh white snow, making it so picturesque. The trails were too icy to hike, but we didn’t really have time to hike anyway since we had to keep driving to SoCal. So poor Blake had to drive all day on his birthday.

We stayed busy in October with several jobs in LA and a flight back to Denver for a week.

Camped in the Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

One of the more unique experiences we’ve had lately was visiting a Ghost Town outside of Death Valley. A friend of a friend recently purchased the ghost town of Cerro Gordo with the intent of restoring it to be a luxury vacation destination. It used to be one of the most lucrative mines in California, having produced $500 million of silver, and having a huge influence on what Los Angeles is today. We helped film our friend, Chris Dunn, making a vlog about bringing new mining technology to this old mining town. By this he means bitcoin mining technology. Check out the vlog here:

The ghost town overlooks Mt. Whitney on one side and Death Valley on the other. It’s up a pretty windy and narrow road, and even the owners were surprised we made it up in the camper. We ended up staying at the ghost town with Chris and another friend, Gus, for two nights. The town normally has a caretaker on site every day who has lived there for 21 years by himself! The caretaker happened to be gone while we were there, though, and the new owners of the town weren’t showing up until the next day, so the four of us had the whole town to ourselves the first night. This led to us walking around the old buildings at night trying to scare each other. Chris’s approach was to hide behind us with mountain lion noises on his phone. Blake even brought out our electric chainsaw to try to scare the other guys. Most of the buildings were locked though until Brent, the owner, was there the next day.

There’s a vertical mine at the top of the town that goes down 1100 feet. You can drop a rock down the mine shaft and never hear it land. There’s also another horizontal mine that you can still walk a couple hundred feet into (not recommended), and then you start seeing the rock being held up by wooden supports. The owners told us that they’ve also seen a mountain lion hanging out in this mine before. Apparently the town also used to be used for lots of movie scenes, so there are old movie props laying around outside the mine. It was really cool to check this out with Chris as I can’t imagine we would have ever known about this town any other way. Once this place is turned into a luxury vacation destination, we’d highly recommend checking it out. 

After our stay in Cerro Gordo we prepared for another 1000+ miles of driving as we would be headed to Phoenix and Moab in the next week to film dirt bike and UTV content. In Phoenix we casted our friends who have a 5 year old son who is learning to dirt bike, and also got to have a fun weekend visiting our friends. In Utah we had two days of filming UTVs before joining Blake’s family for Thanksgiving in Moab, which has been a tradition for several years in Blake’s family. Denver has gotten blasted by a couple snow storms lately, so we’re prepping to winterize the camper and head into Denver for the rest of the holidays.

Drove through Monument Valley on our way to Moab
Camp spot in Utah