Even though we’ve been living the full time travel life since September 1st, because we had our detour to Austin/Mexico/Miami/NJ, the farthest we’d driven in the RV so far was just to Steamboat, three hours out of Denver. So it was time to put the truck to the real test as we had to make the drive to Sedona, AZ over the next two days to get to our next film shoot. We broke up the 12 hour drive over two days just to make it easier for ourselves, and so we could see all the sights in the daylight. One of our goals during this trip was to not do much night driving, so that we can always experience our surroundings during our drives, and it just makes it so much easier to figure out where we are camping for the night if we arrive in the daylight. The drive down through Durango and Wolf Creek Pass absolutely amazed us!

Fall was still in full bloom and what we thought we missed while out of state was still waiting for us. We drove past completely changing landscapes though. On one side of Wolf Creek Pass we saw all yellow aspens, and then on the other side of the pass, the ski resort had actually opened (first in the country) that day because they got so much snow the day before.  It was only October 13, and we actually saw people skiing! Then we got really far south in Colorado, and drove past the 4 Corners monument. Neither of us felt the need to stop, since it was pretty much the same sight while driving past anyway. We drove past the Navajo lands in Arizona, monument valley, and finally reached Sedona!

I’ve wanted to go to Sedona for a while now. I’ve imaged it being a mini Moab, and we normally go to Moab twice a year. It’s exciting that now our jobs and this new lifestyle can take us to these kind of places. We were there to film with our client on the Broken Arrow trail. We had several jeeps set up with their lighting products for us to film on the trail. It turned out being quite cold and rainy when we were supposed to be filming, but the jeeps carried on, and it turned out that the headlights in the rain was actually a great use case for their products. But then the rain stopped and we were rewarded with the most beautiful golden hour on the red rock walls, complete with a rainbow, and was the epitome of what I’d imagined Sedona to look like.

This film trip was an overnight one. We’d planned to camp out with the client half way between Sedona and Interstate 17, where we left the camper, which was going to be interesting considering that Blake and I don’t have any camp gear other than sleeping bags right now. We made that decision when leaving Denver that now that we have the camper, we probably won’t want to tent out anywhere along our journey, and if we do, maybe we’ll just outpost, even though we don’t even have sleeping pads. So for this overnight trip, we packed our sleeping bags and a tarp, and since it kept raining, we were extremely happy that we ended up jeeping all the way back to I-17 where we left the camper, so we wouldn’t be sleeping on a tarp. We actually even caravanned with the group a bit farther north towards Flagstaff to find a camp spot, and not realizing that Flagstaff is near 7,000 feet, it was absolutely freezing where we camped.  Blake and I know that the camper needs a few repairs, including the furnace, but since the first part of our trip was planning to be south in AZ and California and Baja, we hadn’t made that a priority. So we threw on all our layers, wool socks and hats, and made it through the night. That was probably the coldest night we’ll intend to have over the next year as long as we stick to our plan.

The next few days we spent filming at the company’s production facility in Williams, AZ, which we learned was the gateway to the grand canyon, which unfortunately we are skipping right now because afterwards we had to go straight to Tucson to attend and film a friend’s wedding! I was a bridesmaid in the wedding, and Blake was the videographer, and the entire weekend was packed with events for the new couple, so we stayed super busy for a few days.

My parents were also attending the wedding, so we joined them for a hike in the Sabino Canyon one of the days before the wedding, and loved seeing the so many kinds of cactus in the canyon. There had been some recent storms in Tucson, which meant the river in the canyon was actually flowing, and when we made it to the top of the 7 Falls hike, there were actually 7 falls for us to see, which apparently is pretty rare that time of year. We were blown away at the beauty we found in the middle of the desert.