Final Moving Days

We got out of our rental house mid-day on August 31st. We moved everything we want to bring with us into the camper, and everything else is going to my parents garage. Our final moving days were a bit more stressful than planned. We ran out of time to do a lot of the projects that needed to get done, like putting new tires on the truck, and Blake has some video editing and filming to do before we leave town. On the other hand, we found that we have a lot more space in the camper than we ever imagined. We’ve found the smallest spaces to put small tubs of spare parts, our gear, and anything else we consider necessary for survival on the road. We are velcroing tubs to tops of cabinets, and wedging bags into cracks on the side of the bed. The biggest surprise has been how much we can fit into the wheel wells, as there is a foot deep section of space between the camper edge and the inside of truck bed where we’ve been able to fit camp chairs, dirt bike boots, extra oils and fluids. Stuff that we won’t need to get to everyday. I wouldn’t say we have extra space, but we didn’t have to turn anything away that we were hoping to bring.

There’s really something special about being able to simplify the material items in your life. We’ve kept the essentials household items, minimal amounts of clothing- mostly outdoor apparel and jackets, items that will make us money- all the camera gear, and the gear in order to have experiences- our dirt bikes, kayaks and hiking and climbing gear. It felt really good taking multiple carloads of stuff to Goodwill. We sold so many items before leaving- I discovered Facebook marketplace shortly before leaving and sold off many unwanted items for as little as 5 dollars. But even with the most minimal stuff, the camper is still really weighed down. The problem with stocking the camper with kitchen items and housewares was that things we already owned from our previous home we had bought in bulk or had duplicate of, and tried to pack it all in to not be wasteful. But we eventually got everything to fit.

So everything has been packed into our house on wheels, and we rolled out of Denver. We didn’t get very far though. We need a few more days in town to finish some of the above mentioned projects, and say goodbye to family, so we’re camped up half hour away at Blake’s brothers house in Conifer for a few days to utilize some wifi and garage tools. We spent our first night in the camper as nomads. It just felt like a regular night away from home, especially because we haven’t left civilization yet.  We already feel like we’re breathing lighter though. Just being on his mountain property surrounded by trees, and the colors are slightly starting to change in Colorado, we can’t wait to actually spend our first night as nomads away from civilization.


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